Tuesday, 9 November 2010


Looooooooooooooooooong time no come here le. 2day just come n bla bla bla bla...

Thursday, 21 October 2010


Draw at monday

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Shining Hearts

A new PSP announced by Sega drawn by Tony Taka.

In Shining Hearts, the MOE (Mind Over Emotion) system allows players to collect hearts through conversations and building relationships with other characters and by doing various quests around the kingdom of Wyndaria. Depending on responses given in coversations, and the time taken to choose a response, either red, green, blue, yellow or black hearts can be collected, each representing a different type of emotion (such as anger, happiness, or hatred).
Here's some characters images:


He's the main character.

Bard-Prince Ragnus

Prince of Wyndaria and Rufina’s older brother.

Tea Princess Rufina

 Princess of Wyndaria. Rufina is also a bit of an herbalist, growing tea and other herbs in the palace gardens where she spends much of her time. In battle, she has the abilities of a priestess, healing the party with various recovery magic

Shadow Maid Rona

Rufina's maid. She's bit clumsy, but she’s an expert with knives and other sharp things.


Promo video:

Thursday, 14 October 2010

yesterday. 2day. 2morow. the day after 2moro

  Yesterday stay at home home all day, actually got online n type diary 1. But suddenly com hang n needa restart. After restart no internet 4 6 hours, AAARGH!!! But luckily i prepared hundred of anime 2 see. So used 4 hours 2 see anime n another 2 hours 2 do photoshop.

  Today, no lunch cuz home no thing 2 eat. So can only eat white bread for lunch like breakfast. Actually 2day cannot played 1, cuz mom forbidden me 2 play cuz yesterday i draw until 1.05am n slept late. But since she now not at home only my dad, so played la. 才不怕她呢!

  2morow needa go skul cuz cant no skul even is after PMR. 2morow mayb Zejing no come, so mayb i need 2 help do somethings ( i dont wat yet,she havent inform me). N 2moro got Education Fair, sien la, tis 1 normally 4 upper6 的la.

  2moro2moro, NOOOOOOO!!!! My mom wanna take 2 find job. I DONT WAN!!! Even it must b a yes. Find some i no need 2 face ppl la. I hate facing ppl i don noe. Zejing already do part-time job. But her job is just packing jeweleries at her mom friend's jewelery shop. My mom said go McD, ya i noe mayb wont b at the counter or kitchen, but will b cleaning the tables!!!! SHIT!! I think i rather go S&J la. but i dont think it fit me (4 some reasons). Or mayb should i go 2 Popular ? But will it employ me 1st? Will it said that im no t enough age? I Populat suits me the best cuz its a bookstore. I like books n i will noe the latest book. Mayb i can buy books without my mom noeing. Hehe..

Monday, 27 September 2010


2day waktu anjal study at 多媒体礼堂。简直就是HELL,超HOT!!!比起TvRoom, here teruk 多了。

2day need 2 wait until 4.30p.m. 才能回, cuz nobody come n fetch me. Luckily got friends 陪我。So 没有酱sien.

2day i miss掉 “大戏”( chinese opera). Arghh!!! 没得看因为没人陪, 要看到三更半夜。很危险!! Yaya, I noe 很老土。But好看lei.

2day last day com。真的!没骗你。下个新期PMR了。

Monday, 20 September 2010

Akito & Agito

好久没upload 画画了,这次就放他们的lo(use my own 风格)。因为scanner got problem, so drawing 会比较blurry.

Wednesday, 15 September 2010


  I found out tat lately i like 2 sleep til tat i can sleep for 1 day n a half without waking up. Cuz normally when no skul i will sleep until 1.30p.m. n my mom had 2 drag me up from the bed to eat lunch ( no need breakfast already la). After lunch n bath, about 2.30p.m., i went 2 the sofa n continue 2 sleep.

   Sleep until 6.30p.m. n wake up 2 eat dinner. At night i most active n eat most (at supper). I think im a 夜猫子。Cuz about 1.30a.m. i baru sleep.

Friday, 3 September 2010

Kuroshitsuji S2 Episode 1

KYAAAAAAA >~< Sebastian & Ciel 还获着。我简直就是高兴冲天。
OP 还 Ok ; 我超 luv 它的 ED ^^

Here's some screeanshots:



Waah, Alois-sama >~<


Kyaaa >~< Sebastian!!!!


Wednesday, 1 September 2010


I think not gonna got A result at tis percubaan. Cuz only 2 subs got A, 3 got B, another 3 havent noe. Shit! 2day we can noe English result 1, but the teac havent mark finish Paper 2. Reason, she go Sunway Carnival yesterday. -_-

Yesterday got KH n Science class but it National Day so no skul. Haiz need 2 wait until Friday baru got KH n Science.....

Thursday, 26 August 2010

Bloody Monday

Long time no introduce anime or manga already...
The manga i intro now already 连载着了,also got 拍成真人版。

   A virus deal clinched in Russia on the Christmas eve. Purpose: unknown. Two clues: a mysterious lady "Maya," who is one of the gangsters, and "Bloody Monday," the keyword for the project.

  Then an incident happened in far-distant city of Tokyo. Fujimaru Takagi(高木藤丸), a second year student at Mishiro Gakuin high school, is commissioned to find out the truth by the Public Security Intelligence Agency, for his great ability as a super hacker. Now, Maya approaches Fujimaru as his high school teacher...

  As for 真人版 already got season 2, still on air. Miura Haruma play as Takagi Fujimura and Satoh Takeru play as Otoya Kuyjou, Fujimura's friend. As for the evil side, Hiroki Narimiya play as J.

Bloody Monday (Manga)

Bloody Monday (Season 1)

Bloody Monday (Season 2)

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Hatsune Miku Project Diva

 Part 1      Part 2
Part 1     Part 2

01. World is Mine
02. HireKuremono
03. Koi wa Sensu
04. Sono Ibyou Slow Motion
05. Melt
06. Far Away
07. Strobonights
08. Star Story
09. Last Night, Good Night
10. Packaged
11. Ame No Chi Sweet Drops

12. Miracle Paint
13. Fukigen Waltz
14. Marginal
15. Dreaming Leaf -yumemiru kotonoha-
16. Kyoua to Mouri to Mahou no Uta

17. Kyoua to Mouri to Mahou no Uta(Ren ver.)
18. Kyoua to Mouri to Mahou no Uta(Rin ver.)
19. Hato
20. moon
21. MikuMiku Kin no Gochuui
22. Inochi no Uta
23. Inochi no Uta(Ren ver.)
24. Inochi no Uta(Rin ver.)
25. The secret garden
26. Dear cocoa girls
27. Biroudo Arabesque
28. Love List Koushinchu
29. Sakura no Ame – standard edit -
30. Koi suru VOC@LOID
31. levan Polkka
32. Anata no Utahime
33. Electric Angel
34. Hatsune Miku no Shoushitsu
35. Kogane no Seiya Shoushitsu ni Kuchite
36. Miku Miku ni Shite Ageru [Shiteyanyo]
37. (EX1)Rin Rin Rintte Shitekurin
38. (EX2)Ikerenka
39. (EX3)Double Lariat
40. (EX4)Sennen no Dokusaouka
41. (EX5)Boukyaku Shinjuu
42. (EX6)Soar
43. (EX7)Saihate>
45. (EX9)Yugure Nostalgic – remix -
46. (EX10)Love it -Radio Edit-
47. (EX11)Kikoete Imasu ka?
48. (EX12)Shooting Star Prologue (Short Edition)
49. (EX13)Oshiete!! Mahou no Lyric (Short Version)
50. (EX14)starise

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

7 days 2 go n its Percubaan exam

Only left 3 three days n i havent get start 2 revise cuz don wan. Don noe y, just dont wanna do it...

Wednesday, 4 August 2010


Finally can online 4 day only cuz...well u noe, my dad forget 2 unplugged the wire, AGAIN...
Percubaan exam  will b start 1 day after my birthday ( HAPPY BIRTHDAY 2 ME ^^).
Oh! I forget, i think i lost my hp. My dad wanna cut the line cuz scared tat other ppl will use the phone. But i think it's in the house or car la. Cuz when call no 1 answer, but no ringing sound mayb i put silent last saturday got. Ahh! Wait! Now i found 到了!Shit! is my sis, she took my hp without me noeing last saturday n she put silent mode!!!!!! Wait til when she return, i gonna KILL her!!!!

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Huh! Finally...

SHIT! My dad change the place again n tis time the com also set password. 2day i just lucky he forget 2 turn off the com. Arghhh! My mom forcing me 2 study 4 PMR, mayb needa wait after PMR  baru can online. Haizzzz...

Monday, 19 July 2010

Rinne no Ame 輪廻の雨 / 轮回的雨

Rinne no Ame (Meaning : Rain of Reincarnation) is TV drama which broadcast on 2010 Jan 4, starring Yamamoto Yusuke as Kouhei Mikami (older brother) n Seto Koji as Shuhei Mikami (younger brother).
  Shuhei was a mental-disable person who works in a factory. When Kouhei learns that the Shuhei is being physically abused at work by the factory manager. The older brother ends up murdering the manager n burying him in the mountain with the help of Shuhei.
  The next day, the missing of the factory manager n the money in the safety box is reported. The police came 2 investigate. Shuhei go 2 work as usual for his brother told him to. When he arrived at there, he saw police n began 2 felt scared (although he really dont get it wat happen).
  He just kept saying tat he dont noe anything. Soon during the investigation, Shuhei's behavoir had drawn the attention of the inspector.....

Sunday, 18 July 2010


Yesterday celebrateng BON-ODORI (盆踊り)  at Penang, after 14 years of waiting i finally can go. But just 4 a while cuz got 2 balik kampung. Buy many food n some things. Many 100% pure Japanese ppl, some wear normal, some wear yukata/kimono. 1 of the stallkeepers(2 ppl) cosplay. The girl cospaly Hatsune Miku( 100% sure), boy cosplay Kagamine len ( i think). Got performance by students from Penang Japanese skul. Cant put pic cuz havent upload. Nest time wanna come again.

Thursday, 15 July 2010


Finally i can Nurarihyon no Mago episode 1 after waiting 4 a long time ^^

Full Metal Alchemist

Finally, Full Metal Alchemist had ended. Although the ending is good, but i dont like tat Edward n Al losing their "alchemy ability". Still i like the story. Bye bye!

Thursday, 8 July 2010


2day very tired..lazy 2 say..

Thursday, 1 July 2010

HT~N.Y.の中心で、鍋をつつく~」 trailer

Starring Takeru Satoh n Miura Haruma

Sunday, 27 June 2010

Danger! Approach..

Now tat my dad noe how i reconnect the internet n he hide the wire dnt noe where ( later i'll find it ). But tat's not the prob he'll tell it 2 mom n mayb i'll get kill. Lately his mood is not good jusr bcuz he cant the AutoCAD rit. N mayb no internet again..!
The new page "MY Fav Japan Idol" will b postpone 2 end of September cuz some technical probs. Idol will b Seto Koji ( >~< No.1 in my list), Satoh Takeru ( ^~^ No.2 in my list), Miura Haruma (^0^ No.3 in my list), Yamamoto Yusuke, Miyavi n Mukai Osamu maybe wil also got (Get it' maybe...).
There will have their photos (of cuz),personal info, video link, offical blog, journal, personal blog n ..... If any1 have more info or site related 2 them, pls leave a comment. THX ^^
Can some1 tell how 2 download video from youtube using realplayer, qvod, utorrent or watever ( name it ). Plssss.......

Friday, 25 June 2010

Seto Koji & Tetra Fang

Roots of the King


Thursday, 24 June 2010

Seto Koji Prince series video-"Answer"

Kyaaa>~< So beautiful, especially his eyes n lips

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Doesnt he looks like her?

Tis is my friend 发现 de when I gave her see Seto Koji photo

Seto Koji

reven ooi

I think their eyes looks alike...

  2day i ask my classmate whether tat Seto Koji looks alike like any1 here in skul, some remember, some don noe. But wat i noe is when every1 first look at tis pic, they tat he's a girl. I first look at him is at the "Atashinchi no Danshi" drama, first i also thought tat he's a girl. Kyaaaa!! >~< 超美男!!!
  Soli Reven, but i wanna say tat he's 比女孩还要美, including u. 2day 其实 wan ask u at PBI tuition but no time, cuz u sit far from me. 要不next time ask u ( if u can guess who is me ^^ last same class wiv u)
P.S. 4 more info about Seto Koji, go the new page title" My Fav Japan Idol"

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Photo of Lelouch's figure

2day got time 2 snap some of Lelouch's figure

Box front side

Box backside

Lelouch figure pose 1

Lelouch figure pose 3


Monday, 21 June 2010

I found the way 2 reconnect the internet

Oh Yeah! I noe the way 2 reconnect the internet. I found tat the 1 of the modem wire is missing so I search everywhere 4 the wire n plug in. Then, the internet is connect. YAHOO!!
But I'll not online everyday cuz need study...

Friday, 18 June 2010


NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! I cant believe it. The internet will b cut til Pmr finish. Noe wat's it means??!! It means i wont b blogging, onlining, watch manga, watch anime anymore!!!!
SHIT!!! FXXX!!! Arghhhh!!!

P.S I will b putting tis pic 4 my layout til the time i online again.
P.P.S The pic show the 5 anime i most like.
P.P.P.S I do tis pic by myself using Photoshop. First do tis type of work.

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Gundam 00 season 2

2day watch Gundam 00 season 2. Kyaaaa>~< Setsuna is so cooool~!!!!

Gundam 00 Final episode

Finally see finish Gundam 00 season 1 all episode. so sad. I felt like wanna cry out loud. But it was not teruk as Code Geass.
Tis holiday i wanna see season 2, after season 2 go see the latest season 3 movie " A Wakening of A Trailblazer" Yeah!!!!! >~<

BK from Kampung

Huuh... finally bk. Several things happen....

Do normal things, bla bla bla.....
Go shopping, saw Gundam models, so amny types. Kyaaaa >~< Wanna buy! (Exia n Dynames). But too expensive, 1 cost RM 139.80. Cant buy T^T, but if exam good result can buy. ^~^

Do normal things, bla bla bla..... Afternoon watch tv, a japan drama-"My Boys" / 《我家的男孩》/ "Atashinchi no Danshi" / 《アタシんちの男子》. Like Satoru Ōkura (大蔵 智), waaah! 超美男的! Later go 2 hav hair cut, the barber hear wrong my meaning n cut wrong. T^T now my hairstyles 让我 look like a boy ( my height n my dressing is also another factors). Day 3 Go bk home n tidy then rest. At 5.00p.m. go zeijing house 2 take blue t-shirts 4 kem. Zeijing thought i was a boy. Haizzz dont care la!

Friday, 4 June 2010

Code Geass【替え歌】







Now my eyes r red n teary. So sad.... I cry at every videos T^T

Code Geass Season 3 video

Code Geass Gaiden Boukoku no Akito

Code Geass Kiseki no Birthday Picture Drama

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

So sad

2day watch Gundam 00 episode 23&24. T^T So sad, Lockon die, Litchy n Chris die too. Later watch Code geass videos also cried. 2day cry so many times..

Anime birthday list (X) (Y) (Z)

April 1 - Kimihiro Watanuki
March 3 - Shizuka Dōmeki
November 27 - Himawari Kunogi

January 28 — Jean Rubran
March 15 — Eddie Rubran
September 3 — Maria Rubran
November 15 — Timon

[Soreyuke! Uchuu Senkan] Yamamoto Yohko
January 1 — Momiji Kagariya
January 3 — Tentzaa
January 24 — Ayano Elizabeth Hakuhoin
February 20 — Eleutron
March 6 — Yohko Yamamoto
April 6 — Tsubasa Kouhouin
May 30 –Rote
June 1 — Marcus Finley
June 23 — Zena Leon
June 25 — Berniner
July 21 — Rouge
August 4 — Chisato Yachizumi
September 10 — Madoka Midou
September 19 — Luplum
September 28 — Alois Finley
November 10 — Curtis Lawson
December 17 — Sylvie Dread

Yami no Matsuei
February 5 — Chizuru Akamine
February 24, 1900 — Asato Tsuzuki
April 18, 1953 — Yutaka Watari
May 9 — Wakaba Kannuki
June 12 — Chief Konoe
July 25 — Yuma Fukiya
July 31 — Hajime Terazuma
September 17 — Saya Torii
October 18, 1980 — Hisoka Kurosaki
December 4, 1964 — Kazutaka Muraki
December 27 — Seiichiro Tatsumi

December 8, 1969 — Yawara Inokuma

Yokoso Yoko
December 12 — Yoko Tanaka

January 25 — Katsuya Johnouchi (Dub name: Joey Wheeler)
February 28 — Ryuji Otogi (Dub name: Duke Devlin)
March 1 — Ryouta Kajiki (Dub name: Mako Tsunami)
April 1 — Esper Roba
April 5 — Isis Ishtar (Dub name: ?)
April 19 — Hiroto Honda (Dub name: Tristan Taylor)
June 4 — Yuugi Mutou
July 7 — Mokuba Kaiba
July 21 — Inspector Haga (Dub name: Weevil Underwood)
August 12 — Bandit Keith Howard
August 18 — Anzu Mazaki (Dub name: Tea Gardner)
September 2 — Ryou Bakura
October 4 — Sugoroku Mutou (Dub name: Grandpa)
October 8 — Pegasus J. Crawford (Dub name: Maximillian Pegasus)
October 25 — Seto Kaiba
December 23 — Malik Ishtar (Dub name: Terrance)
December 29 — Dinosaur Ryuuzaki (Dub name: Rex Raptor)

Yuu Yuu HakushoJanuary 31 — Keiko Yukimura

Zeta Gundam
September 2 — Minema Zabi

Zetsuai/BronzeMarch 22 — Hirose Nanjou
May 25 — Akihito Nanjou
August 15 — Takuto Izumi
October 1 — Katsumi Shibuya
December 24 — Kouji Nanjou

March 16, 2371 — J.J.
April 13, 2370 — Apple
May 16, 2371 — Amy
August 8, 2369 — Champion

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Gundam 00 Chibi size video

Got it from Minitokyo some group. Some cute must see >~<

Sunday, 30 May 2010

Exam n Skul sex case

3 days no online cuz my dad out station, need 2 wait at skul from 1.15p.m. after skul til 6.30p.m. So loooooooonnng time..


1st day exam, first is Bm essay. Walau A ! Write till my hand wanna broke. 3 essay to write in 2 hours. Essay A-summary:less than 80 words. Essay B-picture essay:less than 120 words.Essay C-choice essay: more than 180 words. At essay C i write 4 4 pages (about 400 words)hand wanna 'patah'.

After tat reccess, after reccess Bm objective, 1 hour, i use half hour to complete 40 questions n half hour 2 draw ( draw at question sheet) n sleep. Bm objective finish, got 1 hour 2 rest,revise or wateva. Then, science objective, also 1 hour n also only use half hour 2 answer then draw, no sleep. Finish, bye! Bye! Go home.

Skul case

Zeijing tell me lately the afternoon session got prob. A Form 1 stud(girl)-Mic had sex with the Form 5-Kj. N they did 3 times b4. The boy already got girlfriend but he doing sex with another ppl (Mic). He's stepping on 2 boat le.

Then Mic found out that she mayb pregrant. She was worried n told her best friend n remind her not 2 tell any1. But her friend went tell her friend. So friend tell friendx99999999=All skul.

Even the teac noe, she was called 2 the diciplince room. N of cuz her parents were told 2 come. Her mom support her to had boyfriend (but i don noe whether support her 2 had sex).

They didnt get excelled from skul, cuz according 2 the skul rules. If u do tis outside the skul, it doesnt matter with the skul. Last year 2 form 5 get excelled form skul cuz they do sex at skul in media room. A teacher went 2 the room n accidentially saw it, she nearly fainted.

Zeijing told me another 1 about a couple at our skul (now already break off) Pei nYao. B4 they break off they had sex b4 ( i not sure it's true or not). Tis story is Yao told his best friend n the best friend told zeijing n she told me. I think tat Yao is a 'prince charming'. He dumped Pei bcuz of a Form 1 stud. Zeijing thought tat Peiru is very 'cheap'.

I wonder all tis sex cases happened many times just we don noe only.

Thursday, 27 May 2010


2day exam, every1 busy reading. But i have no mood 2 read. First is karangan, Walau A! I write til tat i can feel my hand was about 2 patah le.
Then is reccess, i go buy food n eat in class cuz wan 2 revise science. After reccess is bm objective, the time is 1 hour, iuse half hour 2 do finish n another half hour 2 sleep. Bm finish we got 1 hour 2 rest, read or wateva. After 1 hour is science objective. Shit de! The 1st question i already wrong. Aiyah! Now dont care la. Tis exam i must no.1 in class n at least no.100 in skul. Purata must get A.

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaō

As a demon lord-to-be, Akuto Sai attracts a lot of female attention, both wanted and unwanted. The hot-looking redhead who eagerly tried to make his acquaintance near the end of last episode turns out to be someone from his past, but she also has a very useful magical ability with a very immodest catch. The green-haired girl who appeared at the very end of last episode turns out to be a special type of android sent to monitor Akuto because of his status, whether it be in class or in bed; she proves to have an odd way of being turned off and a rather perverse sense of humor. Then there's the voluptuous, highly-desired ,female dorm leader, who seems totally pleasant about helping Akuto get things straightened out with Junko (the one he befriended and later fought with last episode). It seems, however, that she has ulterior motives. . . and there's still the homeroom teacher eager to take possession of his body if someone offs him for being a future demon lord, too.

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Celebrating Teacher's Day

2day, although got go skul but no need had lesson, cuz we're celebrating Teacher's Day. First every morning class ( form 3 til form 6) n teachersgo 2 the hall 2 see performances by some studs. Some performances were very boring, some were great. Got chinese drumming (tat had shaken the whole hall), b-box ( oh yeah man! like tis), dancing (traditional 1), piano, singing ( yucks! they r doing sound pollution). But the 1 i most like is the modern dance by the 100 Dance Studio including the Sexy Lockerz.

About 9.00a.m., we went bk 2 our own class 2 prepare n arrange food 4 the teachers. Shit de la! The teachers go 2 other class very long, we cannot wait cuz our stomach is also growling. We did not wait 4 the teachers n eat already lo. Walau A! Our class got 44 ppl add with about 8 teachers equal 52 ppl. The studens who prepared fired bihun, only prepare 1 pot only. The pot only 17cm diameter, 10cm height le! Not enough pun. My friend, Zejing (again) who bring Domino pizza, called 4 small size pizza also not enough. When started 2 eat in 21sec the pizza were swept finished. Luckily I managed 2 get 1 seafood flavour ( although i really wan is hawaii chicken 1, but they were too fast T_T)

1 stud bring champagne ( no alchohol), i wait 4 long time managed 2 get 1 cup, cuz many ppl wanna drink. When i drink it, i hink wanna puke it out. The taste is like drinking orange juice with mnay gases inside. Ouch! My mouth inside very pain.

After every1 ate finish, many ppl starting 2 play with food n water. They took the empty bottle, balloons, n start fiiling with water. Any kind of water, coke, color water, wash leg water, juice. So the Teacher's Day had became Thailand Spraying Water Day.

Some1 also take the cake n threw 2 other ppl. Every class were wet n sticky. Some class play the song very loud. I was little unlucky cuz i wasnt playing tis food war, but stiil, i got spray by some1 (don noe who la) with don noe wat liquid ( i think it just normal drinking water). I got spray in front n at the bk. Haiyoh! They wanna spray nicer la! The water spots on the bk on my skirt was like the pattern on Lambo clothes. But luckily i not like others, they all wet, like wearing ur clothes n go 2 bath.

After tat, we all clean n go bk home.

PS. Hehe! I took some junk food left there bk home 2 eat. ^^

Anime Birthday list (U) (V) (W)

Uru-Q (Ultra Cute)
March 3 — Ami Uzuki
October 10 — Noa Kurosawa

Urusei Yatsura
April 1, 1967 — Shuutarou Mendou
April 13, 1967 — Ataru Moroboshi

[Revolutionary Girl] Utena
February 2 — Shiori Takatsuki
Febuary 29 — Anthy Himemiya
March 14 — Wakaba Shinohara
April 2 — Kanae Ootori
May 28 — Miki Kaoru, Kozue Kaoru
June 4 — Touga Kiryuu
July 10 — Mitsuru Tsuwabuki
August 8 — Nanami Kiryuu
August 25 — Kyouichi Saionji
September 15 — Akio Ootori
September 24 — Chigusa Sanjouin (video game only)
October 6 — Keiko Sonoda
November 30 — Souji Mikage
December 1 — Juri Arisugawa
December 29 — Utena Tenjou

January 3 — Bart Garsus
February 3 — Belvedere Coco (Vandread Taidouhen only)
March 16 — Duoero Mcfile
April 4 — Buzam A. Calessa
May 6 — Amarone Slaintheav (Vandread Taidouhen only)
June 10 — Meia Gisborn
June 19 — Misty Cornwell
July 8 — Ezra Vieil
August 31 — Jura Basil Elden
September 1 — Dita Liebely
September 21 — Gascogne Rheingau
October 4– Barnette Orangello
October 10 — Hibiki Tokai
October 11 — Celtic Midori (Vandread Taidouhen only)
November 23 — Parfet Balblair
December 21 — Paiway Underberg
December 25 — Magno Vivan

VifamJanuary 3, 2043 — Scott Heyward
January 28, 2048 — Fred Shuffle
March 10, 2052 — Jimmy Eril
March 19, 2044 — Clare Barbland
May 3, 2047 — Sharon Pablin
May 15, 2054 — Malro J. Bonner
June 10, 2054 — Ruchina Preshette
July 9, 2050 — Kentsu Norton
August 11, 2044 — Roddy Shuffle
September 26, 2045 — Barts Lyan
November 15, 2046 — Maki Rowell
November 28, 2048 — Penshi Eliza
December 8, 2053 — Luchina Puleshut

The Violinist of Hameln
January 17– Pandora
February 14 — Prince Lute
March 3 — Cornet (Coronet)
April 13 — Hamel
April 13 — Sizer
May 6 — Trombone
June 27 — Clarinet (Clari)
July 14 — Flute
August 9 — Ocarina
August 11 — Guitar
August 22 — Drum
October 1 — Oboe
November 24 — Raiel
December 24 — Queen Horn

Virtua Fighter
January 2, 1912 — Shun Di
February 8, 1966 — Wolf Hawkfield
February 20, 1957 — Jeffry McWild
March 10, 1979 — Aoi Umenokoji
May 17, 1975 — Pai Chan
June 6, 1971 — Kage-Maru
July 4, 1973 — Sarah Bryant
August 28, 1970 — Jacky Bryant
September 23, 1968 — Akira Yuki
October 2, 1940 — Lau Chan
November 11, 1968 — Taka-Arashi
December 24, 1979 — Lion Rafale

Voltes V
February 2, 1972 — Prince Heinell (dubbed name: Prince Zardoz)
May 5, 1970 — Katherine Lee (dubbed name: Zandra)
May 17, 1976 — Megumi Oka (dubbed name: Jamie Robinson)
June 22, 1974 — Kenichi Gou (dubbed name: Steve Armstrong)
October 20 — Hiyoshi Gou (dubbed name: Little Jon Armstrong)
November 18 — Daijirou Gou (dubbed name: Big Bert Armstrong)
November 24, 1974 — Ippei Mine (dubbed name: Mark Gordon)

VotomsJuly 7, 7195 — Kiriko Kyuubi

March 14 — Marcy
April 1 — Iwan
July 7, 11 P.M. — Dayan
October 10 — Jitan

WataruMarch 1 — Toraoh
April 1 — Himiko
May 5, 1978 — Wataru Ikusabe
September 15, 1980 — Umihiko

Wedding Peach
March 3, 1983 — Momoko Hanasaki
May 5, 1982 — Hinagiku Tamano
July 7, 1982 — Yuri Tanima
October 31, 1982 — Yousuke Fuuma
November 3, 1982 — Scarlet O’Hara

Weiss Kreuz
February 29 — Omi Tsukiyono
March 3 — Youji Kudou
July 4 — Aya (Ran) Fujimiya
December 23 — Ken Hidaka