Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Doesnt he looks like her?

Tis is my friend 发现 de when I gave her see Seto Koji photo

Seto Koji

reven ooi

I think their eyes looks alike...

  2day i ask my classmate whether tat Seto Koji looks alike like any1 here in skul, some remember, some don noe. But wat i noe is when every1 first look at tis pic, they tat he's a girl. I first look at him is at the "Atashinchi no Danshi" drama, first i also thought tat he's a girl. Kyaaaa!! >~< 超美男!!!
  Soli Reven, but i wanna say tat he's 比女孩还要美, including u. 2day 其实 wan ask u at PBI tuition but no time, cuz u sit far from me. 要不next time ask u ( if u can guess who is me ^^ last same class wiv u)
P.S. 4 more info about Seto Koji, go the new page title" My Fav Japan Idol"