Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Shining Hearts

A new PSP announced by Sega drawn by Tony Taka.

In Shining Hearts, the MOE (Mind Over Emotion) system allows players to collect hearts through conversations and building relationships with other characters and by doing various quests around the kingdom of Wyndaria. Depending on responses given in coversations, and the time taken to choose a response, either red, green, blue, yellow or black hearts can be collected, each representing a different type of emotion (such as anger, happiness, or hatred).
Here's some characters images:


He's the main character.

Bard-Prince Ragnus

Prince of Wyndaria and Rufina’s older brother.

Tea Princess Rufina

 Princess of Wyndaria. Rufina is also a bit of an herbalist, growing tea and other herbs in the palace gardens where she spends much of her time. In battle, she has the abilities of a priestess, healing the party with various recovery magic

Shadow Maid Rona

Rufina's maid. She's bit clumsy, but she’s an expert with knives and other sharp things.


Promo video: