Thursday, 26 August 2010

Bloody Monday

Long time no introduce anime or manga already...
The manga i intro now already 连载着了,also got 拍成真人版。

   A virus deal clinched in Russia on the Christmas eve. Purpose: unknown. Two clues: a mysterious lady "Maya," who is one of the gangsters, and "Bloody Monday," the keyword for the project.

  Then an incident happened in far-distant city of Tokyo. Fujimaru Takagi(高木藤丸), a second year student at Mishiro Gakuin high school, is commissioned to find out the truth by the Public Security Intelligence Agency, for his great ability as a super hacker. Now, Maya approaches Fujimaru as his high school teacher...

  As for 真人版 already got season 2, still on air. Miura Haruma play as Takagi Fujimura and Satoh Takeru play as Otoya Kuyjou, Fujimura's friend. As for the evil side, Hiroki Narimiya play as J.

Bloody Monday (Manga)

Bloody Monday (Season 1)

Bloody Monday (Season 2)

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Hatsune Miku Project Diva

 Part 1      Part 2
Part 1     Part 2

01. World is Mine
02. HireKuremono
03. Koi wa Sensu
04. Sono Ibyou Slow Motion
05. Melt
06. Far Away
07. Strobonights
08. Star Story
09. Last Night, Good Night
10. Packaged
11. Ame No Chi Sweet Drops

12. Miracle Paint
13. Fukigen Waltz
14. Marginal
15. Dreaming Leaf -yumemiru kotonoha-
16. Kyoua to Mouri to Mahou no Uta

17. Kyoua to Mouri to Mahou no Uta(Ren ver.)
18. Kyoua to Mouri to Mahou no Uta(Rin ver.)
19. Hato
20. moon
21. MikuMiku Kin no Gochuui
22. Inochi no Uta
23. Inochi no Uta(Ren ver.)
24. Inochi no Uta(Rin ver.)
25. The secret garden
26. Dear cocoa girls
27. Biroudo Arabesque
28. Love List Koushinchu
29. Sakura no Ame – standard edit -
30. Koi suru VOC@LOID
31. levan Polkka
32. Anata no Utahime
33. Electric Angel
34. Hatsune Miku no Shoushitsu
35. Kogane no Seiya Shoushitsu ni Kuchite
36. Miku Miku ni Shite Ageru [Shiteyanyo]
37. (EX1)Rin Rin Rintte Shitekurin
38. (EX2)Ikerenka
39. (EX3)Double Lariat
40. (EX4)Sennen no Dokusaouka
41. (EX5)Boukyaku Shinjuu
42. (EX6)Soar
43. (EX7)Saihate>
45. (EX9)Yugure Nostalgic – remix -
46. (EX10)Love it -Radio Edit-
47. (EX11)Kikoete Imasu ka?
48. (EX12)Shooting Star Prologue (Short Edition)
49. (EX13)Oshiete!! Mahou no Lyric (Short Version)
50. (EX14)starise

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

7 days 2 go n its Percubaan exam

Only left 3 three days n i havent get start 2 revise cuz don wan. Don noe y, just dont wanna do it...

Wednesday, 4 August 2010


Finally can online 4 day only cuz...well u noe, my dad forget 2 unplugged the wire, AGAIN...
Percubaan exam  will b start 1 day after my birthday ( HAPPY BIRTHDAY 2 ME ^^).
Oh! I forget, i think i lost my hp. My dad wanna cut the line cuz scared tat other ppl will use the phone. But i think it's in the house or car la. Cuz when call no 1 answer, but no ringing sound mayb i put silent last saturday got. Ahh! Wait! Now i found 到了!Shit! is my sis, she took my hp without me noeing last saturday n she put silent mode!!!!!! Wait til when she return, i gonna KILL her!!!!