Sunday, 27 June 2010

Danger! Approach..

Now tat my dad noe how i reconnect the internet n he hide the wire dnt noe where ( later i'll find it ). But tat's not the prob he'll tell it 2 mom n mayb i'll get kill. Lately his mood is not good jusr bcuz he cant the AutoCAD rit. N mayb no internet again..!
The new page "MY Fav Japan Idol" will b postpone 2 end of September cuz some technical probs. Idol will b Seto Koji ( >~< No.1 in my list), Satoh Takeru ( ^~^ No.2 in my list), Miura Haruma (^0^ No.3 in my list), Yamamoto Yusuke, Miyavi n Mukai Osamu maybe wil also got (Get it' maybe...).
There will have their photos (of cuz),personal info, video link, offical blog, journal, personal blog n ..... If any1 have more info or site related 2 them, pls leave a comment. THX ^^
Can some1 tell how 2 download video from youtube using realplayer, qvod, utorrent or watever ( name it ). Plssss.......

Friday, 25 June 2010

Seto Koji & Tetra Fang

Roots of the King


Thursday, 24 June 2010

Seto Koji Prince series video-"Answer"

Kyaaa>~< So beautiful, especially his eyes n lips

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Doesnt he looks like her?

Tis is my friend 发现 de when I gave her see Seto Koji photo

Seto Koji

reven ooi

I think their eyes looks alike...

  2day i ask my classmate whether tat Seto Koji looks alike like any1 here in skul, some remember, some don noe. But wat i noe is when every1 first look at tis pic, they tat he's a girl. I first look at him is at the "Atashinchi no Danshi" drama, first i also thought tat he's a girl. Kyaaaa!! >~< 超美男!!!
  Soli Reven, but i wanna say tat he's 比女孩还要美, including u. 2day 其实 wan ask u at PBI tuition but no time, cuz u sit far from me. 要不next time ask u ( if u can guess who is me ^^ last same class wiv u)
P.S. 4 more info about Seto Koji, go the new page title" My Fav Japan Idol"

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Photo of Lelouch's figure

2day got time 2 snap some of Lelouch's figure

Box front side

Box backside

Lelouch figure pose 1

Lelouch figure pose 3


Monday, 21 June 2010

I found the way 2 reconnect the internet

Oh Yeah! I noe the way 2 reconnect the internet. I found tat the 1 of the modem wire is missing so I search everywhere 4 the wire n plug in. Then, the internet is connect. YAHOO!!
But I'll not online everyday cuz need study...

Friday, 18 June 2010


NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! I cant believe it. The internet will b cut til Pmr finish. Noe wat's it means??!! It means i wont b blogging, onlining, watch manga, watch anime anymore!!!!
SHIT!!! FXXX!!! Arghhhh!!!

P.S I will b putting tis pic 4 my layout til the time i online again.
P.P.S The pic show the 5 anime i most like.
P.P.P.S I do tis pic by myself using Photoshop. First do tis type of work.

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Gundam 00 season 2

2day watch Gundam 00 season 2. Kyaaaa>~< Setsuna is so cooool~!!!!

Gundam 00 Final episode

Finally see finish Gundam 00 season 1 all episode. so sad. I felt like wanna cry out loud. But it was not teruk as Code Geass.
Tis holiday i wanna see season 2, after season 2 go see the latest season 3 movie " A Wakening of A Trailblazer" Yeah!!!!! >~<

BK from Kampung

Huuh... finally bk. Several things happen....

Do normal things, bla bla bla.....
Go shopping, saw Gundam models, so amny types. Kyaaaa >~< Wanna buy! (Exia n Dynames). But too expensive, 1 cost RM 139.80. Cant buy T^T, but if exam good result can buy. ^~^

Do normal things, bla bla bla..... Afternoon watch tv, a japan drama-"My Boys" / 《我家的男孩》/ "Atashinchi no Danshi" / 《アタシんちの男子》. Like Satoru Ōkura (大蔵 智), waaah! 超美男的! Later go 2 hav hair cut, the barber hear wrong my meaning n cut wrong. T^T now my hairstyles 让我 look like a boy ( my height n my dressing is also another factors). Day 3 Go bk home n tidy then rest. At 5.00p.m. go zeijing house 2 take blue t-shirts 4 kem. Zeijing thought i was a boy. Haizzz dont care la!

Friday, 4 June 2010

Code Geass【替え歌】







Now my eyes r red n teary. So sad.... I cry at every videos T^T

Code Geass Season 3 video

Code Geass Gaiden Boukoku no Akito

Code Geass Kiseki no Birthday Picture Drama

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

So sad

2day watch Gundam 00 episode 23&24. T^T So sad, Lockon die, Litchy n Chris die too. Later watch Code geass videos also cried. 2day cry so many times..

Anime birthday list (X) (Y) (Z)

April 1 - Kimihiro Watanuki
March 3 - Shizuka Dōmeki
November 27 - Himawari Kunogi

January 28 — Jean Rubran
March 15 — Eddie Rubran
September 3 — Maria Rubran
November 15 — Timon

[Soreyuke! Uchuu Senkan] Yamamoto Yohko
January 1 — Momiji Kagariya
January 3 — Tentzaa
January 24 — Ayano Elizabeth Hakuhoin
February 20 — Eleutron
March 6 — Yohko Yamamoto
April 6 — Tsubasa Kouhouin
May 30 –Rote
June 1 — Marcus Finley
June 23 — Zena Leon
June 25 — Berniner
July 21 — Rouge
August 4 — Chisato Yachizumi
September 10 — Madoka Midou
September 19 — Luplum
September 28 — Alois Finley
November 10 — Curtis Lawson
December 17 — Sylvie Dread

Yami no Matsuei
February 5 — Chizuru Akamine
February 24, 1900 — Asato Tsuzuki
April 18, 1953 — Yutaka Watari
May 9 — Wakaba Kannuki
June 12 — Chief Konoe
July 25 — Yuma Fukiya
July 31 — Hajime Terazuma
September 17 — Saya Torii
October 18, 1980 — Hisoka Kurosaki
December 4, 1964 — Kazutaka Muraki
December 27 — Seiichiro Tatsumi

December 8, 1969 — Yawara Inokuma

Yokoso Yoko
December 12 — Yoko Tanaka

January 25 — Katsuya Johnouchi (Dub name: Joey Wheeler)
February 28 — Ryuji Otogi (Dub name: Duke Devlin)
March 1 — Ryouta Kajiki (Dub name: Mako Tsunami)
April 1 — Esper Roba
April 5 — Isis Ishtar (Dub name: ?)
April 19 — Hiroto Honda (Dub name: Tristan Taylor)
June 4 — Yuugi Mutou
July 7 — Mokuba Kaiba
July 21 — Inspector Haga (Dub name: Weevil Underwood)
August 12 — Bandit Keith Howard
August 18 — Anzu Mazaki (Dub name: Tea Gardner)
September 2 — Ryou Bakura
October 4 — Sugoroku Mutou (Dub name: Grandpa)
October 8 — Pegasus J. Crawford (Dub name: Maximillian Pegasus)
October 25 — Seto Kaiba
December 23 — Malik Ishtar (Dub name: Terrance)
December 29 — Dinosaur Ryuuzaki (Dub name: Rex Raptor)

Yuu Yuu HakushoJanuary 31 — Keiko Yukimura

Zeta Gundam
September 2 — Minema Zabi

Zetsuai/BronzeMarch 22 — Hirose Nanjou
May 25 — Akihito Nanjou
August 15 — Takuto Izumi
October 1 — Katsumi Shibuya
December 24 — Kouji Nanjou

March 16, 2371 — J.J.
April 13, 2370 — Apple
May 16, 2371 — Amy
August 8, 2369 — Champion

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Gundam 00 Chibi size video

Got it from Minitokyo some group. Some cute must see >~<