Sunday, 30 May 2010

Exam n Skul sex case

3 days no online cuz my dad out station, need 2 wait at skul from 1.15p.m. after skul til 6.30p.m. So loooooooonnng time..


1st day exam, first is Bm essay. Walau A ! Write till my hand wanna broke. 3 essay to write in 2 hours. Essay A-summary:less than 80 words. Essay B-picture essay:less than 120 words.Essay C-choice essay: more than 180 words. At essay C i write 4 4 pages (about 400 words)hand wanna 'patah'.

After tat reccess, after reccess Bm objective, 1 hour, i use half hour to complete 40 questions n half hour 2 draw ( draw at question sheet) n sleep. Bm objective finish, got 1 hour 2 rest,revise or wateva. Then, science objective, also 1 hour n also only use half hour 2 answer then draw, no sleep. Finish, bye! Bye! Go home.

Skul case

Zeijing tell me lately the afternoon session got prob. A Form 1 stud(girl)-Mic had sex with the Form 5-Kj. N they did 3 times b4. The boy already got girlfriend but he doing sex with another ppl (Mic). He's stepping on 2 boat le.

Then Mic found out that she mayb pregrant. She was worried n told her best friend n remind her not 2 tell any1. But her friend went tell her friend. So friend tell friendx99999999=All skul.

Even the teac noe, she was called 2 the diciplince room. N of cuz her parents were told 2 come. Her mom support her to had boyfriend (but i don noe whether support her 2 had sex).

They didnt get excelled from skul, cuz according 2 the skul rules. If u do tis outside the skul, it doesnt matter with the skul. Last year 2 form 5 get excelled form skul cuz they do sex at skul in media room. A teacher went 2 the room n accidentially saw it, she nearly fainted.

Zeijing told me another 1 about a couple at our skul (now already break off) Pei nYao. B4 they break off they had sex b4 ( i not sure it's true or not). Tis story is Yao told his best friend n the best friend told zeijing n she told me. I think tat Yao is a 'prince charming'. He dumped Pei bcuz of a Form 1 stud. Zeijing thought tat Peiru is very 'cheap'.

I wonder all tis sex cases happened many times just we don noe only.