Saturday, 28 November 2009

Fate/Stay Night

Today I just resgistered Minitokyo n join a group. It's call Fate-Rebirth, every member is almost a Fate/Stay Night fan.Fate/Stay Night is story about war, the 1 who survived will get the Holy Grail n can wish for anything. This war go on after every 7 years, 7 or 6 ppl will be choose as a magician each of them with a servant. The servant r : Saber, Lancer, Archer, Berserker, Caster, Rider, an assasin.1 ex-servant is Gilgamesh. The main character is Shirou, his servant Is Saber. When figthing to get the holy grail, Shirou n Saber fell in love with each other. But in the they didnt get 2gether.BOOOOOO!!
Beside Fate/Stay night, there also Fate/Hollow N Fate/ Antraxia

Friday, 27 November 2009

My manga

I been deciding 2 draw manga n write novel since Im 9, but there isn't anytime 2 do tis work.Futhermore, now I need 2 study for the next year pmr. Even now im not drawing or writing, but im always thinking.My head is full with stories tat i create. Im now writing a novel, maybe trying go 4 contest or maybe earn $. Now Im also participate The One Academy Drawing Contest 2 win.

1 of my drawing:


Thursday, 26 November 2009

Popular Book Fair

2day go 2 Midland popular book fair, no buy manga or anime just buy some luv stories. It's a shame tat Comic Magazine didn't sold. I saw many anime dvd, wanna buy but no $, BOOOOOOO!!!!
I saw a Code Geass Dvd, cant take my eyes of it.

Kamichama Karin v.s Shugo Chara

Karin is definately more better than Shugo Chara in the manga.
But Shugo Chara is more better than Karin in the anime .
If say Kazune n Tadase, I choose Kazune, cuz he's more cool.
If Karin n Amu, i choose Karin, cuz she's more prettier n cutier.
If sat Nya-ke n Charas, I choose both.
If say transformation (boy),  I choose Kazune.
(Girl) I choose Amu, cuz she Has 3 trans, I like the most is When she transform with Miki.
At the song part, I choose both.
Now Im waiting Kamichama Karin Chu(season 2) to show.

~Kamichama Karin Chu~

Shugo Chara

Wednesday, 25 November 2009


Ok..Code Geass is the best but not for the manga, the character in the manga is a little bit like children.
The best manga(my opinion)is KUROSHITSUJI!!^~^
Kuroshitsuji's manga is more better than it's (Kuroshitsuji) anime.
The manga is more funny & emotional.
I really like Ciel Phantomhive.
He's very cute when he dress up like a girl,when i first look I really thought that she was a girl.
But another time, he's really "cool".
I now catching the manga, but i cant find chapter 39&more, only til chapter38,onemanga & mangafox also didn't hav.
So any1 noe there's a website got chapter 1 til the end(english & chinese) pls leave a comment,ok?

Code geass

Now i wanna say..THAT I LUV CODE GEASS!!!!
It's been sad that Lelouch forget his memory at R1 &dead at R2. How sad *sob* / _ \
I dont think the ending is good, but bad ,really x2 baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaddddddd!
Instead Suzaku became a hero becuz no 1 noe behind the Zero's mask is him not Lelouch.
I always hate the ending if the main character die even he(she) is evil.
I cant help crying when i saw lelouch dead. T_T

Long Live Code Geass!!!!!