Monday, 19 July 2010

Rinne no Ame 輪廻の雨 / 轮回的雨

Rinne no Ame (Meaning : Rain of Reincarnation) is TV drama which broadcast on 2010 Jan 4, starring Yamamoto Yusuke as Kouhei Mikami (older brother) n Seto Koji as Shuhei Mikami (younger brother).
  Shuhei was a mental-disable person who works in a factory. When Kouhei learns that the Shuhei is being physically abused at work by the factory manager. The older brother ends up murdering the manager n burying him in the mountain with the help of Shuhei.
  The next day, the missing of the factory manager n the money in the safety box is reported. The police came 2 investigate. Shuhei go 2 work as usual for his brother told him to. When he arrived at there, he saw police n began 2 felt scared (although he really dont get it wat happen).
  He just kept saying tat he dont noe anything. Soon during the investigation, Shuhei's behavoir had drawn the attention of the inspector.....