Thursday, 14 October 2010

yesterday. 2day. 2morow. the day after 2moro

  Yesterday stay at home home all day, actually got online n type diary 1. But suddenly com hang n needa restart. After restart no internet 4 6 hours, AAARGH!!! But luckily i prepared hundred of anime 2 see. So used 4 hours 2 see anime n another 2 hours 2 do photoshop.

  Today, no lunch cuz home no thing 2 eat. So can only eat white bread for lunch like breakfast. Actually 2day cannot played 1, cuz mom forbidden me 2 play cuz yesterday i draw until 1.05am n slept late. But since she now not at home only my dad, so played la. 才不怕她呢!

  2morow needa go skul cuz cant no skul even is after PMR. 2morow mayb Zejing no come, so mayb i need 2 help do somethings ( i dont wat yet,she havent inform me). N 2moro got Education Fair, sien la, tis 1 normally 4 upper6 的la.

  2moro2moro, NOOOOOOO!!!! My mom wanna take 2 find job. I DONT WAN!!! Even it must b a yes. Find some i no need 2 face ppl la. I hate facing ppl i don noe. Zejing already do part-time job. But her job is just packing jeweleries at her mom friend's jewelery shop. My mom said go McD, ya i noe mayb wont b at the counter or kitchen, but will b cleaning the tables!!!! SHIT!! I think i rather go S&J la. but i dont think it fit me (4 some reasons). Or mayb should i go 2 Popular ? But will it employ me 1st? Will it said that im no t enough age? I Populat suits me the best cuz its a bookstore. I like books n i will noe the latest book. Mayb i can buy books without my mom noeing. Hehe..