Sunday, 27 June 2010

Danger! Approach..

Now tat my dad noe how i reconnect the internet n he hide the wire dnt noe where ( later i'll find it ). But tat's not the prob he'll tell it 2 mom n mayb i'll get kill. Lately his mood is not good jusr bcuz he cant the AutoCAD rit. N mayb no internet again..!
The new page "MY Fav Japan Idol" will b postpone 2 end of September cuz some technical probs. Idol will b Seto Koji ( >~< No.1 in my list), Satoh Takeru ( ^~^ No.2 in my list), Miura Haruma (^0^ No.3 in my list), Yamamoto Yusuke, Miyavi n Mukai Osamu maybe wil also got (Get it' maybe...).
There will have their photos (of cuz),personal info, video link, offical blog, journal, personal blog n ..... If any1 have more info or site related 2 them, pls leave a comment. THX ^^
Can some1 tell how 2 download video from youtube using realplayer, qvod, utorrent or watever ( name it ). Plssss.......