Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Celebrating Teacher's Day

2day, although got go skul but no need had lesson, cuz we're celebrating Teacher's Day. First every morning class ( form 3 til form 6) n teachersgo 2 the hall 2 see performances by some studs. Some performances were very boring, some were great. Got chinese drumming (tat had shaken the whole hall), b-box ( oh yeah man! like tis), dancing (traditional 1), piano, singing ( yucks! they r doing sound pollution). But the 1 i most like is the modern dance by the 100 Dance Studio including the Sexy Lockerz.

About 9.00a.m., we went bk 2 our own class 2 prepare n arrange food 4 the teachers. Shit de la! The teachers go 2 other class very long, we cannot wait cuz our stomach is also growling. We did not wait 4 the teachers n eat already lo. Walau A! Our class got 44 ppl add with about 8 teachers equal 52 ppl. The studens who prepared fired bihun, only prepare 1 pot only. The pot only 17cm diameter, 10cm height le! Not enough pun. My friend, Zejing (again) who bring Domino pizza, called 4 small size pizza also not enough. When started 2 eat in 21sec the pizza were swept finished. Luckily I managed 2 get 1 seafood flavour ( although i really wan is hawaii chicken 1, but they were too fast T_T)

1 stud bring champagne ( no alchohol), i wait 4 long time managed 2 get 1 cup, cuz many ppl wanna drink. When i drink it, i hink wanna puke it out. The taste is like drinking orange juice with mnay gases inside. Ouch! My mouth inside very pain.

After every1 ate finish, many ppl starting 2 play with food n water. They took the empty bottle, balloons, n start fiiling with water. Any kind of water, coke, color water, wash leg water, juice. So the Teacher's Day had became Thailand Spraying Water Day.

Some1 also take the cake n threw 2 other ppl. Every class were wet n sticky. Some class play the song very loud. I was little unlucky cuz i wasnt playing tis food war, but stiil, i got spray by some1 (don noe who la) with don noe wat liquid ( i think it just normal drinking water). I got spray in front n at the bk. Haiyoh! They wanna spray nicer la! The water spots on the bk on my skirt was like the pattern on Lambo clothes. But luckily i not like others, they all wet, like wearing ur clothes n go 2 bath.

After tat, we all clean n go bk home.

PS. Hehe! I took some junk food left there bk home 2 eat. ^^