Monday, 27 September 2010


2day waktu anjal study at 多媒体礼堂。简直就是HELL,超HOT!!!比起TvRoom, here teruk 多了。

2day need 2 wait until 4.30p.m. 才能回, cuz nobody come n fetch me. Luckily got friends 陪我。So 没有酱sien.

2day i miss掉 “大戏”( chinese opera). Arghh!!! 没得看因为没人陪, 要看到三更半夜。很危险!! Yaya, I noe 很老土。But好看lei.

2day last day com。真的!没骗你。下个新期PMR了。

Monday, 20 September 2010

Akito & Agito

好久没upload 画画了,这次就放他们的lo(use my own 风格)。因为scanner got problem, so drawing 会比较blurry.

Wednesday, 15 September 2010


  I found out tat lately i like 2 sleep til tat i can sleep for 1 day n a half without waking up. Cuz normally when no skul i will sleep until 1.30p.m. n my mom had 2 drag me up from the bed to eat lunch ( no need breakfast already la). After lunch n bath, about 2.30p.m., i went 2 the sofa n continue 2 sleep.

   Sleep until 6.30p.m. n wake up 2 eat dinner. At night i most active n eat most (at supper). I think im a 夜猫子。Cuz about 1.30a.m. i baru sleep.

Friday, 3 September 2010

Kuroshitsuji S2 Episode 1

KYAAAAAAA >~< Sebastian & Ciel 还获着。我简直就是高兴冲天。
OP 还 Ok ; 我超 luv 它的 ED ^^

Here's some screeanshots:



Waah, Alois-sama >~<


Kyaaa >~< Sebastian!!!!


Wednesday, 1 September 2010


I think not gonna got A result at tis percubaan. Cuz only 2 subs got A, 3 got B, another 3 havent noe. Shit! 2day we can noe English result 1, but the teac havent mark finish Paper 2. Reason, she go Sunway Carnival yesterday. -_-

Yesterday got KH n Science class but it National Day so no skul. Haiz need 2 wait until Friday baru got KH n Science.....