Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaō

As a demon lord-to-be, Akuto Sai attracts a lot of female attention, both wanted and unwanted. The hot-looking redhead who eagerly tried to make his acquaintance near the end of last episode turns out to be someone from his past, but she also has a very useful magical ability with a very immodest catch. The green-haired girl who appeared at the very end of last episode turns out to be a special type of android sent to monitor Akuto because of his status, whether it be in class or in bed; she proves to have an odd way of being turned off and a rather perverse sense of humor. Then there's the voluptuous, highly-desired ,female dorm leader, who seems totally pleasant about helping Akuto get things straightened out with Junko (the one he befriended and later fought with last episode). It seems, however, that she has ulterior motives. . . and there's still the homeroom teacher eager to take possession of his body if someone offs him for being a future demon lord, too.