Thursday, 26 August 2010

Bloody Monday

Long time no introduce anime or manga already...
The manga i intro now already 连载着了,also got 拍成真人版。

   A virus deal clinched in Russia on the Christmas eve. Purpose: unknown. Two clues: a mysterious lady "Maya," who is one of the gangsters, and "Bloody Monday," the keyword for the project.

  Then an incident happened in far-distant city of Tokyo. Fujimaru Takagi(高木藤丸), a second year student at Mishiro Gakuin high school, is commissioned to find out the truth by the Public Security Intelligence Agency, for his great ability as a super hacker. Now, Maya approaches Fujimaru as his high school teacher...

  As for 真人版 already got season 2, still on air. Miura Haruma play as Takagi Fujimura and Satoh Takeru play as Otoya Kuyjou, Fujimura's friend. As for the evil side, Hiroki Narimiya play as J.

Bloody Monday (Manga)

Bloody Monday (Season 1)

Bloody Monday (Season 2)