Friday, 14 May 2010

Code Geass R3 2 anime 1 manga ?!

  Now im blur blur blur.. Firstly it said season 3 is going 2 b Code Geass: Shikokku no Renya which a new character will replace Lelouch n a character which resembles Lelouch will appear, n of cuz C.C will also b appear.
  Then another said season 3 another story is Code Geass Rebirth which Lelouch n other old characters will appear (Kyaaaaa I luv tis 1).
  Now, another story will appear, called Code Geass Gaiden Bōkoku no Akito or known as “The Ruined Land of Akito.” (Yeah!! Also like tis~!) KnightMare unit of 11 youths embark on an operation to save their comrades stranded on the European front, their odds of success only 5%.

Image of Code Geass Shikokku no Renya

Image of Code Geass Rebirth

Image of Code Geass Gaiden Bōkoku no Akito