Saturday, 8 May 2010


So long no go activity le, 2day go a, from 8a.m. til 11.30a.m. keep running station, very tired lo. N my group little unlucky cuz a got 5 station, 1st station-4th floor, 2nd-Ground floor, 3rd station-4th floor, 4th station-ground floor, 5th station-4th floor. So it means tat we r continuing running up & down 4 times le! More tired.

Later go 2 tuition, the class not yet start nedd wait 1 n half hour. Luckily I bring the book tat I buy on the book fair at skul yesterday. It's call The Garden of Eden, kyaaa x> the book cover pic were very beautiful. Lol!

After tuition go bk home n eat a mee cup cuz me afternoon no eat proper lunch. After eat n bath, go do geografi folio, Thursday I call my mom 2 ask her friend 2 write the Soal Selidik form, but Friday she came bk home, she said every1 busy no time. Ceh! I had 2 write by myself 2day. I went my bag 2 take my pencil case but cannot find. I began to feel angry n sweating, cuz I really got put in my bag. After thinking 4 a while, I think I noe where the pensil case is. I went to the cupboard where I put my bags n look at the bk. Aha! I found it! My analysis was right. Bcuz just now went I took out my shirt from the bag 2 b wash the pencil case mayb was also pulled out n fell 2 the bk of the cupboard. Hahaha! Tis thing always happened 1 ^^

Now I need 2 finish my folio cuz Monday need 2 pass up n 2moro I got taekwondo n violin class so no time. Ta ta….