Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Ghost Experience

2day, at the english class our teacher tell us a ghost experience about 5 days ago. She said she n some of my skul students n also other skul teacher n stus go 2 putrajaya 2 enter a contest. They all stay in a resort in the of a palm tree jungle. Some ppl believe tat b4 we enter the room, we should knock the door n tell the "thing" inside the room tat we dont mean any harm. My teacher do tis b4 she n her roomate( another skul girl teacher)went in the room. 1st day, my teac cant sleeep cuz kept hearing footsteps sound. Second day, she cant sleep. At 3rd day, some other skul students ask a worker at there whether here got ghost or strange thing happend or not. The worker say yes, he said sometimes can hear footsteps but no ppl, my teacher only though it was only a joke cuz the stu was recording 4 fun. The stud asked him the ghost at which floor, the worker said at 6rd floor. My teacher n her roomate look at each other cuz they also stay at level 6. At the night, when my teacher n roomate was going to the room. Her roomate go in first but then, she quietly n quickly ran out of the room. Her face was very pale, my teacher ask her wat happend, she said she saw two men talking, one man sitting my teacher's bed, another at her's. My teacher although was also scared but outside she just nothing 1. Later they went in n open th light. My teac went to iron her clothes but then she heard her roomate talking to some1 in front the mirror. My teac go tap her n asked who is she talking 2. Her roomate said she is talking 2 her(my teac) la, saying she (my teac) is combing hair in front the mirror. My teac was scared cuz she another side ironing her clothes n her roomate said she was combing her hair n talking 2 her. At midnight, my teacher open her laptop n open the prayer song in loud volume. Then suddenly the phone ring, my teac go pick up but no answer. Then it ring again, she go pick again but still no answer. After tat, 3rd ringing came,tis 1 is from the bathroom (the bathroom got a phone). My teac went pick up again but also no answer. She felt weird n phone the lobby 2 check who had called her room phone. After 10 min, the phone rang, she pick up the lobby said no 1 had phone her room phone. Now my teac was really scared, so she spent all night pledgging the "ghost" not disturb them. The next day, they went bk 2 skul already. Haiiz i wish i also could experience it lo.