Thursday, 25 March 2010

Pain!!!!!! But most b STRONG

2day very 倒霉。放学时,从 toilet come out 时, don noe where 跑来一个树根。害我跌倒,不是那种蹲在地上的,而是整个倒在地上,更惨的是被 Form 1 & 2 de stu 看到,超丢脸!!!!
My right 2 places hurted, bleeding & very pain, like using刀片割50mm的深度。我快快tel my dad ( 幸好2day 带 hp)。My 白衣的左边袖子中Soil, i 忍着 the pain go to my bag 2 take t shirt n then go bk 2 the toilet 2 change clothes. Then i go out n 拿我的手帕出来弄湿然后放在伤口上。
Although very pain but stil must 忍!Bcuz i not a girl tat will not beated by any1 or anything!!!