Friday, 19 March 2010


Meet some1 personality 90% same with in msn. Talk 4 long time, found out tat she is taekwondo green belt(?) ready to go blue belt. Talk about tkd(taekwondo), im worry. Bcuz i am tkd black belt 1st grade, all black belt must enter tournament unless u give the fees n no attend. Last year,i (red belt)enter the tournament(all penang[i think]so many ppl about 200) 4 the first time of my life. My sir choose 4 both pattern n sparring(fighting), 4 the pattern part its ok ; but sparring part, not good. Bcuz i random sparring, from the 1st learn tkd til the tournament (6 years)i only sparring 4 time.
 Well, although after the tournament i got a bronze 4 sparring, but my right leg got a big hill tat cuz me cant walk 4 a day.So, tis year i'll only choose pattern. Another point i don wan enter sparring cuz the indians contestants r very fierce, tat will kick til u drop. I was lucky last year didnt fought with them.


Eikei 耕平 サダウィ said... learn tkw? nice
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