Monday, 15 March 2010


Ya every1 noe about chobits, a cute persocom that had feeling n a universiti boy who tempt 2 had a persocom.
  The story start when...... Hideki Motosuwa was on his way home, he saw a persocom laying in a pile of rubbish.He taken her to home. When the persocom awaken, the only word she could said was "chi". Hideki decided the name her Chi since that she only noe how 2 speak "chi".
  Chi real name actually is Elda.She had a sister name Freya. Freya had hide inside Elda body that cause Elda cannot speak or function properly like other persocom.
  One day, Chi was out at the bookstore, she was aware when she saw a book"A City with No People" it told about the feeling and relationship btween human with persocom. It also told about chobits, saying they r different with other persocom for they had feeling and even can fall in love with humans. Tis book awakens Chi inside herself, and her sister, Freya was aware n help Chi to choose "the person right 4 me".
  Meanwhile Hideki found out he's little fall in love with Chi. N 2gether they explore the relationship btween human n persocom....
 I put up 3 pic, bcuz it so pretty >w<