Monday, 22 March 2010


  OMG! I think the place near my skul had bcome very dangerous. Cuz 1-3 days ago (skul holiday), a from 4 girl ( my skul 1) go skul activity was kidnapped by 3 malay (i think so, if not wrong) into the van. Luckily she managed to ran away when the van stopped at Chalim Park. I heard my fren said tat she's tkw/karate black belt n she's big.
  Her mom is my skul teacher. They also said her family rich. 2day i wan go buy manga, worry something bad will happend (cuz i had a bad feeling). Luckily my fren she late go home so she go with me. When we arrived at the comic shop, my not good feeling came true. The no good feeling actually is the comic shop will close 4 1-2 months. Hehe! 吓死我。。
  But still i wish tis incident will not happend on me or ppl beside me. Wish God will protect us...