Thursday, 22 April 2010

A very Special Day

2day very special lo, not only 阿牛come,but also 2day is Earth's Day. 2day also my mom, my sister friend de boyfriend n 戴佩妮的生日lei.
But most important is, 2daty i wanna about the thing happend 2 hours ago. Many ppl arrived at the hall bout 2.00p.m. 2 see 阿牛。Walau A! Although got open air-con but still very HOT! Every1 挤来挤去,不是你踏我,就是我踏你。全场 HIGHING!!!
阿牛 is my skull de 1994 的毕业生。没想到他以前is舞蹈学会的队长,因为my skul de dancing club never 收男生。

他说他之所以参加舞蹈学会is bcuz he 看到美女。他也是足球的。除了这些,他also drama club de.他进drama bcuz tat time a show 缺少一个人,so they pull him in. But没想到,他尽然要演一个疯子。可是过后,观众喜欢那个“疯子”。So,他就加入咯。他的学号好像is 1449, Form 5 class is 5SA2. OOh,还有演那个“跛脚”也来。他们与我们一起谈天,唱歌。当要finish le, 大家一起拍照。I later upload the video clip n tell stories..