Tuesday, 27 April 2010


Yesterday very凶。1st day, go skul forget tat day need 2 wear got color de 体育衣。结果wait le half an hour my dad终于赶来。我家里skul very far le, about 23km need half hour to go there. My dad驾快车才赶到。Then, after sukan taraf very tired. After recess, suddenly got spotcheck, my 漫周,扇子&liquid 被默收,-3分. 那些死臭学长!!!!
Afternoon after tuition need wait 1 half hour 4 my mom cuz my dad go things 2 do. 到家时,my mom no key,need 2 wait in the car 4 dad 2 come home. While waiting we go buy food. Dad arrived at home n unlocked the door, havent open the light so very dark cannot see, iwas about 2 put the egg tat we buy,
but 一时放senget,整袋蛋跌了下去,全都破了. Haizz...