Monday, 28 December 2009

PA Training Kem ( Special)

(Day 1)
6.00AM 到 金太阳对面练marching. 6.30 go school.Marching 比赛,very nervous. Run station learn sth.2.47PM 肚子超hungry. Many funny thing happend.( I forget ..)

(Day 2)
Go jounery, very 喘,last group arrived, 补导员 no with us, find另一个。Quest: find 3 buy fish man n take pic with them. 3 quest finish, go 2 Apollo pasar again, buy food. When go buy oil, SI ..曜 say 2 the auntie sold 贵点 if other group come.Buy finish, run bk school 2nd squad bk school. Begin 2 cook n ... , the soup 最后 cook. SA  ..如 (?) add many Ajinomoto so very ho jiak.SI no let us eat, wait for 评判。After 评判 eat, we eat, 好像饿鬼。SA say SI 的菜好像粪,SI就反回say he like eat粪。Later run game station, 其中一个 station is guess word. AJK write 口交,性交 n ........ SI n (?) “比”动作(not really do), very funny. Later song n dance PK. Our squad dance n song really great but lose. Squad 4 n squad ? 的 Rojak Evolution ROX!!! Womanizer 的 very 性感 ^0^

(Day 3)(2day)(Last day)
Yesterday do bk home 就 sleep. 12.00am, mom call me up go bath n eat. Too tired go sleep, plan 2moro 再整理bag. Morning 6.00am wake up alarm no rang, very 赶。幸好到there 6.35am no late, forgot bring name tag n disiplince tag.Eat breakfast, 珊.. 一直吃。 Later go 2 超级红人馆,sketch PK,宫心计 very funny..宇(boy)wear bra,超好笑。Go fizikal test,station 1: 接力赛, 原来珊.. 只会吃不会跑。SI 好“伟大”,陪有跑的人一起跑。Station 2 每个squad 取个name. 原来 SI 是自恋,他取组名叫“那边的帅哥美女” (哈哈哈!)。SI say 去 WC, 其实偷去drink water.其中一个 squad "Womanizer" 超倒霉, 一直中到them,结果 they 比任何人都累。After 午餐 water game >). All wet, AJK throw colour water bomb,some is 洗脚水,泥水,马路水 (yuck!恶心!)。Water game end go Final battle. Everybody throw water bomb n water sponge. AJK use bomba hose pipe spray. Battle end, every1 veeeeeeerrrry wet like go swiming. Go girls room change clothes, no bring tuala 只好用 PJ T-shirt 擦干,but still 68%wet.Go 超级红人馆, every1 sit in a circle. 开始回忆,有人哭(90%)。My squad 的补导员 ..奇 cry 4 long time.Me
却要sleep 了。Then every1 与 AJK hug n shake hand. I go 2 find my friend n talk with them, some1 hug me from the back, it's SI ..曜。He hug every member of our team. I will not forget tis day tis camp tis team tis SI ..曜。Later change 2 uniform, closing ceremony. We won the BEST MARCHING TEAM with squad 1 (combine group), YEEEEAAAH!!!! Take the prize cup. Go home with a happy memory....


Sweet dreams and happy memories,

A love that's good and true;

A home to care for tenderly;

A song to sing that's new

Sweet dreams and happy memories

And friends to join in mirth

Some tears to give to those who die,

And smiles to greet each birth.

Sweet dreams and happy memories,

To win a game or two.

The faith to know that Spring will come,

The strength to wait it through.

Sweet dreams and happy memories,

To do what there's to do

For joy is living day to day,

To make sweet dreams come true.