Thursday, 26 November 2009

Kamichama Karin v.s Shugo Chara

Karin is definately more better than Shugo Chara in the manga.
But Shugo Chara is more better than Karin in the anime .
If say Kazune n Tadase, I choose Kazune, cuz he's more cool.
If Karin n Amu, i choose Karin, cuz she's more prettier n cutier.
If sat Nya-ke n Charas, I choose both.
If say transformation (boy),  I choose Kazune.
(Girl) I choose Amu, cuz she Has 3 trans, I like the most is When she transform with Miki.
At the song part, I choose both.
Now Im waiting Kamichama Karin Chu(season 2) to show.

~Kamichama Karin Chu~

Shugo Chara